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Business Plans

Posted at — Jul 10, 2020 by Abishek Muthian

hitstartup's business plans helps to kickstart your business by building products which people want.

Check out the problems which resonate with you, solution you seem fit and business plan you can build.

Market Opportunity Analysis in COVID-19 vaccination program

Problem: 7.5 Billion people need to be inoculated against COVID-19.

Need gap: Cold chain systems to distribute COVID vaccine .

Market: Worldwide.

Categories: Manufacturing, Cold chain, Logistics, IoT, Network, Data Science, Computer Modeling.

Market Opportunity Analysis: Market_Opportunity_Analysis_COVID-19_Vaccination.pdf(cover image)


Pay what you can,

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Butt Pomodoro

Helps you get your tasks done without burnouts.

Problem: Forgetting to take breaks during work and not able to complete tasks due to burnouts.

Need gap: Productivity timers in market requires to be started manually .

Solution: A butt triggered pomodoro timer which will help us to complete our tasks on time as well as remind us to take breaks at regular intervals without having to start the timer manually.

Proof of Concept: Butt Pomodoro - A butt triggered pomodoro timer .

Market: Worldwide.

Categories: Productivity, Health, Hardware, IoT.

Business Plan: Butt_Pomodoro_Business_Plan.pdf(cover image)


Pay what you can,

$ USD | € EURO | ₹ INR | Free

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is hitstartup's business plan?

hitstartup's business plans are aimed at showcasing the problem, need gap, possible solution and business plan for the solution to help the entrepreneur get started in creating a robust business by building what people want.

How does this work when many are downloading the same business Plan?

The success of a startup depends on lot of variables, Business Plan would give a very high level framework and actual implementation purely depends upon the talent of the team implementing it; So even if there are multiple products using my Business Plans in the market, there will be enough space for multiple players and who gains significant market share depends upon their own strategies.

You have essentially identified a problem, need gap then why are you giving away the Business Plan instead of building the product yourself and making a fortune?

This is more in sync with what I do now as a startup coach and building tools, services for making startups successful. By offering Business Plans as a Service (BPaaS), I can help more startups build products which people want.

How can I download hitstartup's business plan?

You can download the hitstartup's business plan by paying what you can or for free. When you click the price amount under 'Download:', you will be taken to the purchase page which will get redirected to .pdf after payment (or) You can click 'Free' to download the .pdf directly without paying.

You can also pay after downloading it for free too!

Can I pay for hitstartup's business plan in my local currency?

Currently there are three currency options available - USD, EUR, INR. Price in those currencies are automatically displayed according to your region.

The payments are handled by the payment gateways - Paypal(USD, EUR), Razorpay (INR) where you can use your credit card, debit card and netbanking(INR) to make the payment.

In case the currency is not being displayed correctly according to your region, reach me out at abishek[]hitstartup[]com and I will provide you the payment link.

How is the business plan delivered after payment?

After you make the payment, you will be redirected to the X_Business_Plan.pdf automatically. Depending upon your browser setting, the .pdf file will be displayed in the browser or get downloaded to your device.

In case the business plan is displayed directly on your browser, you would need to download the .pdf file to your device manually.

If you have forgotten to download the .pdf file from the browser, don't worry; just sent me a email at abishek[]hitstartup[]com and I will send you the download link again.

Can I reach out to you if I have questions about the business plan?

Sure. Comments, Suggestions, Queries are welcome and my email id to reach out is mentioned in the business plan.