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Feb 12, 2020
How to raise the capital for our startupOne of the first hurdles in creating a startup is raising the capital money for it. Capital money or in general 'capital' for a business is the money required to start the business for selling our product and services. Calculating the requisite capital for our startup is half the hurdle and acquiring it is the other half.
Dec 31, 2019
Myths about Minimum Viable ProductMinimum Viable Product is one of the hottest topics in the Startup ecosystem, naturally there are several myths about it.
Nov 19, 2019
Zero invested in usHow Airbnb team turned around their company when nobody invested in it.
Nov 14, 2019
Tipping point: FiltersHow a casual conversation between husband and wife at a beach in Mexico became the tipping point for success for a company.
Oct 7, 2019
What is Blitzscaling?Reid Hoffman answers about the term he is promoting regarding the startup scaling - Blitzscaling.
Oct 5, 2019
Is there any value in Business School if you're interested in entrepreneurship?Question to Paul G about is there value in Business School if someone is interested in entrepreneurship.
Sep 20, 2019
Overestimating the skills of your customerA classic case for overestimating the skills of your customers is A&W's third pounder fiasco.
Sep 13, 2019
Startup ideas vs ProblemsWhy is it so hard to get a successful startup idea? Why do experts advice to solve our own problem for a successful startup idea?
Sep 5, 2019
Most first interactions of a startup coachMost first interactions of a startup coach with entrepreneur wannabes .
Jun 11, 2019
Creating startup without having moneyDoes one have to be rich to start a startup? what do statistics say and what about the entrepreneurs who started startup without money.