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Tutors should publish courses on their own platform

Posted at — Oct 23, 2021 by Abishek Muthian

The Pandemic has shifted the landscape of education to online for those who can afford it , Leading to meteoric growth of EdTech companies .

Some are even using the limelight to field their IPO .

But at this scale can these EdTech companies deliver what they promise i.e. education to the students and sustainable income to the tutors?

Activists have alleged that these EdTech companies indulge in hard sell tactics targeting underprivileged parents to employing unqualified teachers and fraudulent advertisements .

Should such companies be the ones which you should depend upon for the education of your children?

Maybe it's better for the Tutors? Not so fast,

user nickjj comment on HN

Companies at scale tend to game everyone with only the interests of their stakeholders in mind, EdTech is not any different.

Tutorship is one of the easily accessible forms of self-employment especially in the developing countries, Yet when the EdTech companies promises wider audience which might seem impossible to attain as an individual it's natural for a tutor to get hooked on to the EdTech platforms for employment.

But in the EdTech platforms the tutors would be subjected to the whims of the algorithms whose goal is to convert sales for the platform and has nothing to do with the education itself, resulting in intense stress due to exceedingly unattainable goals.

Perhaps it's time to rethink online education, Tutors should seriously consider hosting courses on their own platforms and operate within the scale where they could provide high quality education to their students while also generating sustainable income.

Coding tutors really don't have an excuse to not host courses on their own platform, Even non-coding tutors can now make use of the of tools for creating website , remote communication , payments etc. to create their own platform for education with negligible capital.

Discovery was never an issue for individual tutors when operating offline, Taking their skills online can result in better efficiency and long-term sustainable revenue. Consumers fed up with the nondelivery of EdTech startups are already looking for qualified tutor near home .

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