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Not a Newsletter

Posted at — Mar 28, 2019 by Abishek Muthian

Aim of hitstartup is to coach startups via noiseless mediums irrespective of the environment they are located in.

Subscribing to Not a Newsletter is the easiest way to receive my Noiseless Startup Content and to communicate with me.

This is not a startup news site! Startup news sites are biased towards funding related information and glamorous stories which applies only to negligible fraction.

By subscribing for free to hitstartup's Not a Newsletter, you will not receive an email in your inbox at regular schedule which you will ignore after couple of weeks.

You will receive an email when,

You can reply to those emails to discuss about the content or to ask your startup queries related to the content.

I don't have a regular schedule for the content at hitstartup, I post only when a content is absolutely ready and adds value to you. All content are evolving, I update them with a change log when I gain new information or knowledge on the topic.



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