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Online Startup Coaching

Posted at — Sep 26, 2019 by Abishek Muthian

Noise free personalised startup coaching through email for entrepreneurs from any environment.

My expertise is in stopping entrepreneurs from making common mistakes and building technology focussed self reliant startups.

Ideator phase

Setting you up for your startup journey.


$135.65/mo | €135.65/mo | ₹10,250/mo | $0 for solopreneurs with disabilities

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Bootstrap phase

Guiding you to create your startup


$402.99/mo | €402.99/mo | ₹30,450/mo | $0 for solopreneurs with disabilities

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Accelerating your startup


$860.25/mo | €860.25/mo | ₹65,000/mo | $0 for solopreneurs with disabilities

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is this coaching service, not available to apply at all times?

I have a limit for the number of people, startups I can accommodate in each phase at a certain period. Once that gets filled, I have to disable new applications until existing startups, entrepreneurs, entrepreneur-wannabes graduate to the next phase.

Why email?

Less small talk, more work.

Not realtime, so it doesn't obstruct our work and we can batch process it.

Email protocols are federated, distributed, no single entity owns email and yet email service from different entities work seamlessly together. We can encrypt it at our own terms.

How does email based startup coaching compare to online startup coaching via videos?

Great effort goes into making some of those video based online startup coaching services. Even though few of them offer good value, I don't find them personalised enough because of their broadcasting format.

Since hitstartup's startup coaching is only via email, every aspect of it is personalised to those who are making use of the service.

Successful Entrepreneurs agree that experts are good for one thing - To tell you, what not to do and not for telling what you should do.

Email is enough to tell you, what not to do.

This startup coaching is built for asynchronous work , so that entrepreneurs need not spend hours watching videos which are not personalised for their needs and instead focus on applying the knowledge learnt from this coaching.

I will pay you $___ for a coffee or a phone call?

Sorry email only. Apart from the reasons for 'why email' explained in the other section, it is because of the email I'm able to offer my services at this rate.

If I offer my services via phone call or in person, I wouldn't be able to do so at a price point which can be afforded by entrepreneurs or startups from different walks of life.

I have built a system for startup coaching around email, which cannot be effective otherwise.

I have a startup idea, can you introduce me to an investor?

It doesn't work that way. If you have just what you think is a startup idea, then you have you start with the ideator phase to validate your startup idea.

My goal is to create self reliant startups, which can make money and add value to its customers to sustain itself.

So assisting with raising capital by funding from external investors is something I do in the accelerate phase and only if absolutely necessary.

I'm not an entrepreneur, I don't have an immediate startup plan, but I would like to be coached by you?

You are welcome to join the ideator phase depending upon the availability.

Since you don't have a startup plan, we will have generic discussions on startup ecosystem, problems which need solutions etc. If you ever decide to proceed with the startup journey you will get a head start.

What is the turnaround time after enrolling into hitstartup's startup coaching?

After the payment is made, you can expect an email from me to the email id you used with paypal within 12 hours and at maximum within 24 hours.

If you don't see my email within that duration, feel free to email me directly abishek@ this domain.

Check eligibility

Eligibility test is to check our compatibility and to avoid any conflict of interest. So, the scale of the problem you're trying to solve doesn't matter.

Explain the problem you are solving in under 50 characters

If you don't have a problem to solve, mention why you need startup coaching in under 50 characters.