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Most first interactions of a startup coach

Posted at — Sep 5, 2019 by Abishek Muthian

Transcription available below for Most first interactions of a startup coach comic. Most first interactions of a startup coach


Scene : Interaction between Entrepreneur wannabe and a Startup coach.

Entrepreneur wannabe : I have a startup idea, can you introduce me to an investor.

Startup coach : What problem does it solve?

Entrepreneur wannabe : It is a social network, …photos…videos…

Startup coach : Explain the problem in 50 words.

Entrepreneur wannabe : People would love it, it is a million dollar startup idea … AI.

Startup coach : Tell the problem in 50 characters.

Entrepreneur wannabe : It has thanos feature, 50% of the friends disappear
when asking for help … re-appear when selfie is posted…

Startup coach : All SNs have that, You didn’t start with a problem did you?

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